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1. What was the problem the engineers at IDEO were asked to solve?

IDEO is a product design company which was tasked with upgrading and modifying the old shopping cart as it was inefficient, unsafe, prone to theft, and unattractive.They were supposed to design a prototype and test for an attractive shopping cart that will deter theft, and be more efficient. The team was given only a period of five days to build the prototype.

2. Name two constraints that they had to deal with.

The size of the trolley was a constraint for the team as they had to alter the design to allow the trolley to fit through the aisles of the supermarket. The wheels were not completely turnable which made the trolley hard to maneuver through the supermarket aisles.

3. What were two of the major concerns/issues the teams discovered from their
The major issues were the safety of children when using a trolley as there had been 22,000 child injuries and the children had to be hospitalised. The volume of items which could be loaded onto the trolley was very little.

4. IDEO uses several methods, processes and ideas to generate alternative
solutions. What two principles or approaches appealed to you the most?

The two processes that appealed to me the most was the one where when an idea was just in skeleton, it was immediately sketched and shown to others. Thus, the others can view the sketch and make more improvements to it. Furthermore, I also liked it when they would build and explore more in an idea by drawing a more detailed computer sketch to see if it was possible. In IDEO, one of it’s main motto is to differ judgement and build on ideas of others. So, if the idea was just at the base level, they would start brainstorming it without judgement and build a prototype if possible. From this, they were able to categorize the best elements in the ideas and use it one design. This increased the efficiency of group work and they are also able to get a better solution. IDEO also gave teams to work on one part of the shopping cart so they could focus on one part and in the end IDEO will get better ideas as there is less to focus on.

5. How were the possible solutions prototyped and tested?

People tried out various methods and built their own trolleys.After building,the whole team analyzed them and took the best elements from each of them and made it to one great trolley

6. Was there a redesign step in the IDEO project? What was the final outcome?

Yes,there were a few modifications of the shopping cart.They showed their prototype to supermarkets and tried it out.After receiving feedback,they made the shopping cart even better.

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